From network marketer, to podcaster to CEO…I’ll help you…

move FORWARD with ENTHUSIASM on your big idea

it’s time to

Write Your Own Damn Permission Slip

It’s easy to feel LOST in pursuit of your big vision. I get it! I’ve been there, too.

But after years of building my company, here’s what I learned:

The end result is NEVER guaranteed…but the PROCESS is.

So, why not give yourself permission to get STARTED on a process you’ll actually ENJOY showing up for?

Because if you COMMIT to just showing up, taking messy action, knowing that of course your business will evolve and change as you do…

You’re going to blow your mind with what you’re capable of here!

I created SheGoes Company to help you LOVE the path you’re taking in pursuit of your goals.

We’re all about giving you the community you crave, and the tactical tools and resources you need to SHOW UP, keep DOING the DAMN THING…and have FUN in the process!

Using My Own Journey, I’ll Help You

Reach YOUR Next Level with Confidence

Bet on Yourself

Girl, Stop Waiting for the Perfect Moment. Your Time is NOW!

If you’re ready to LAUNCH or GROW your business idea… She Goes Company is going to be your JAM!


You’ll get the SIMPLE, step-by-step tools you need to GET STARTED, KEEP GOING…and have FUN along the way!


Plus, we’ll connect you with a high-vibe COMMUNITY of women JUST LIKE YOU.

Because the process is SO much more FULFILLING when you have a hype squad of ambitious women around you…

Who are LEARNING and GROWING with you every step of the way!!

peek inside


Side Biz School

LAUNCH your idea or GROW your side business with our membership, an online portal that gives you a self-paced road-map, LIVE calls & collaboration opportunities, EXPERT training Master Classes and CONNECTION threads and the community you’ll need to keep going.


Podcast Courses

CRUSH your podcast or business goals with cohort-based courses focused on simple tools, tactical resources and a built in hype squad to keep you accountable.


First Live Event of 2022

CONNECT with high-vibe women entrepreneurs IN PERSON through fun, business-focused events!

what other people are saying

As a Podcast Intro Course and Podcasting Amplified grad, I have become so much more grounded in the mission & vision of my podcast. Kacia supported me in finding a sweet spot in which I can show up as a content expert and serve on my podcast in a way that isn’t stuffy & maintains the edginess of my personality! The community of other women podcasters is unmatched – truly grateful for the friendships formed!

Christine J.

When I decided to start my own life coaching business I knew that Kacia & the SheGoes Community would be there for me every step of the way. Kacia is not only a force but an inspiration. I have learned SO much from her including how to think BIGGER & really serve the women in my own community. I would not be where I am today without Kacia.

Meredith F.

‘Easy’ Robs You of PROUD

Girlfriend, building a business takes HARD work!

But FUTURE you will be SO damn proud if you KEEP GOING.

Take my hand and I’ll show you how to build a business you freaking LOVE…

And have FUN every step of the way!